Household Chores and Marriage

When will people stop expecting women to take care of all daily chores? If a man helps his wife in everyday work, why is he called names like ‘Joru ka Ghulam’ etc?

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Swati Mehra
August 21, 2017


  1. @acmaan Yes men have started contributing at home but somehow they still do not talk about it!

  2. It will take time to change centuries old tradition. We still have people hankering for a male child even if they have more than 2 daughters. Unless and until more and more men get enlighten, have compassion for the women in their lives be it mother, sister and wife and of course the women themselves start initiating the changes, this will take another set of light years.

  3. There is still a fragment of male population that has no problems to share the household work. Now this is a ripple. People need to start knowing such stories and accepting it. If they can’t, why can’t we? Instead of complaining, we can always start motivating.

  4. I think its wonderful if a man can help with daily chores. In the west he would have to! this is a sort of aberrated thought peculiar to the sub continent.
    Maybe its the less evolved guys who vent their jealousy for the happy hubby this way!
    But taking this a bit further, i am giving an extract from an old writing called ” DEVI”

    October: it is a time for many of us to remember Durga- our Mother. And we do so, in our own ways, traditions, and personal faith. But, while we hold festivities ,chant prayers, undertake fasts, even climb Mountains to catch glimpse ‘darsana’

    Of ‘Her’ in sacred sanctorums; the one presence we do not seem to register is that of our girls-the little Durgas in the midst of us all. Do we truly recognize what Durga stands for? Do we acknowledge the equality of women?

    This equality was designed for all times. And, there are times when it shows up a little.Like the respect we exhibit for women during the ‘Durga days’. But ,with the immersion of Durga’s idols in the sea,at the end of the festival-the esteem,and hopes of women in our societies also sink back in the harsh norms of a man’s world ,once again.


    Why do we give such a short ovation to these living deities,who are actually our equals? Clay idols can rest respectfully in the sea,but these,the mothers of our children,And these,our daughters,the mothers to be,of our races,THEY ARE NOT CLAY….
    To me, equality is not what a woman or man may do, but the equal respect for what she or he does. Swapping jobs is not the criterion here – and so, it may not always provide the solution . But mutual respect for each other, genuine regard for each other- this, to my mind, is the gist of the equality question.

    We are not suffering from a mere gender bias. We suffer from a deep rooted disturbed equilibrium, of non respect for the other.

  5. You hit the nail on the head. though the indian women want to step out and earn money, the men are still not okay helping with household chores…even if they want to others make them feel weird about it.

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