How did Osho influence Vinod Khanna?

Would like to know your insights on how did Osho influence Vinod Khanna in the early 80s?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Although I do not have personal knowledge of Vinod Khanna, I did meet him once in the mid 70's at RK Studios where he was shooting for a film with the legendary Ashok Kumar. At lunch time his two young boys came to the studio with a tiffin from home. A very down to earth person, Vinod was a gentleman to the core. Apparently, later he had some issues with his marriage and was quite disturbed. He yearned for inner peace and answers to a lot of questions building up in his mind. Looking for a Guru to lead him to that level of peace he stumbled upon Rajneesh. He joined the Ashram at Pune and stayed there for a prolonged period of time meditating and getting lessons in humility. He returned home well chastised and a better person than before. While he did a few films, his worth as an actor was never recognised especially when actors like Amitabh, Rajesh Khanna, Rishi Kappor and some more were on the scene. *p**p*RIP, Vinod Khanna. You lived a good and peaceful life. OSHO sure did have a positive influence on you.*p*

  2. Vinod Khanna a very handsome actor and a splendid personality was spiritually enlightened by Rajnish OSHO as per the news in 80's when he happened to be on the top position in his professional career. Human body and soul are very influentional and could be attracted to the spiritual force and could break the shell of comfort zone (Family n Carrer) in search of light… looks like Mr. Khanna was on such a journey and may be even he succeded in his motive but was not able to deliver what he gained on the spiritual plane. His return to bollywood gave him back his postion in bollywood with being insaaf, satyamevijayate and dayavan boxoffice hits… *p**p*The question posed is can a human being with responsibilites go on the spiritual journey when his/her family needs him the most… the answer according to my views is if a person accomplish what desired balancing his time between carrer, society and passion his life could be considered as complete in every aspect…. *p**p*I have had always been a big FAN of Vinod Khanna and his acting… RIP*p**p* *p*

  3. I don't know how Osho influenced Vinod Khanna. But one thing is sure, Osho's influence was huge for Vinod Khanna gave up his top position in movies, his glamour-filled life and took to orange robe. He suffered for a long time for his this decision, but then the question has always been…did he think of it as 'suffering'*p*