How do I get my husband and mother to improve their relationship?

My husband and mother don't get along well. Their frequent conflicts cause me tremendous stress as both are equally important to me. I have tried talking to them but it keeps getting worse every day. The misunderstandings go on increasing and I fear it will come to a point where they will not want to see each other at all! What do I do?

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July 13, 2017


  1. Sometimes or many times we see things the way we want to see and not as it is. Its perfectly ok if 2 people like or dislike each other. Before them, you need to understand this.*p**p*Possibility is less but try this. Preferably they both have to be positive to solve this issue. Else you try to talk more with ur hubby/mom who is more matured, down to earth, understanding, less egoistic. If he/she initiates to shower pure love & respect to another, it will sutely work, may be few months or yrs, but sure it wud.*p**p*A human's weakness & strength is love.*p*

  2. I believe that you should talk to both of them individually first and try to sort the matter. You'll get to know what bugs them the most about the other and see if you can do anything about it in any way. If that doesn't help then ask them to sit together and tell them about your fears that you might lose both of them if things don't work out for good. They might get better if they understand their position in your life with respect to each other. *p*

  3. I believe this happens in every family. There is some natural liking towards other person and similarly natural disliking towards some person especially IN LAWS. But I would suggest when there are regular conflicts, its better they stay away with each other for few days. Forcing both of them to like each other will only worsen the relationship. Space and understanding creates miracle in relationship. Also, Say only positive things to both of them – NO Negative habbits or gossiping. *p**p*I believe in swtichwords so I chanted phrase many times for few days for same case. And touchwood relationship is in harmony now. Phrase if you want to chant "ABSOLVE-Light Switch-FORGIVE-Mercury-RESTORE-SWEET-ACT-LISTEN-BETWEEN"*p*

  4. I have gone through the same phase. So I have a few tips for you:*p**p*1. Minimize their interaction first, at-least for some time.*p**p*2. In every 2-3 days tell your husband that your mother was praising him for some reason. Likewise, tell your mother that your husband was appreciating her for some reason. Let both of them feel that they still have positive attitude towards each other.*p**p*3. Specially to your mother, share how your husband cares for you and keeps you happy. Nothing is bigger than your happiness for your mother. Seeing you happy will melt down her negative feelings for your husband.*p**p*4. Force them to talk to each other on special occasions like festivals, birthdays and anniversary.  Those days no one would be willing to do any bitter arguments so good talks will improve their relationship.*p**p*Give time to both of them. And as much as possible, share only good things that they say to you for each other.*p*

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