How do you deal with someone who is supposed to love you but instead criticizes you most of the times making you feel harassed mentally?

Timid people are at risk to physical or verbal abuse especially in close and indispensable relationships like with parents, spouse, children or parent-in-laws. How do you deal with someone who is supposed to love you but instead criticizes you most of the times making you feel harassed mentally?

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Roohi Bhatnagar
June 7, 2017


  1. Verbal abuse leaves scars for life , if as a kid u have been abused u always suffer from an inferiority complex whether it's looks or ability . If it's a spouse it's as lethal as being beaten with bricks n mortar. *p**p*I think  the victim should surround herself /himself with postive people and try n develop confidence. She should constantly validate herself and also give back  and be as critical of her partner as he is. *p*

  2. A very good point Roohi. In fact a therapist i met said that this was a classic symptom of an abuser. They chip away at your sense of self first and even blame you for their bad behaviour by saying, 'you provoked me to be this way'. One has to be careful. Very careful! *p*

  3. Criticism may not always be a bad thing, but the manner in which it is done can have a major impact on the psychology of the person who is on the receiving end. *p**p*In a relationship though, if a partner is continuously finding faults in the other person, constantly nagging about things and not finding anything positive to say about the other person, it can get stressful and the person may get into depression. In such a case it is recommended that the victim should have the courage to stand up for themselves and clearly communicate to their partner things can't go on as they are . If the partner is not receptive to what you feel and no change takes place, it's best to move on, share with your family or friends or consult a therapist. *p**p*It's not healthy for a person to continue to suffer and head into severe depression . We have only one life to live. So live it to the fullest. *p*

  4. It feels pathetic! People who are close to you and understand you should be your support system rather than an entity whose criticism brings you down. And if you're really distressed by their harsh comments then you should talk to them. Perhaps they don't understand that how much their words mean to you and how you take it to your heart. So just talk to them and tell them about how much they mean to you and how you want them to treat you. With some respect and love.*p*

  5. Criticism is a part of life. Life is never meant to be a smooth ride. I think it is important to take the criticisms sportingly and use it as a stepping stone to move forward. If one thinks that he/she is right about something then he/she should not hesitate and get bogged down by the criticisms. Instead he/she should continue working and believe that his/her activity would surely turn their partner's or parents' criticism into praise in the long run. It is important to remember that even if they say a lot of things, they still believe in you. Just keep on working. One day you will surely see the silver lining.*p*

  6. One encounters criticism everywhere whether at home or office. Successful people learn to deal with it. *p**p*When someone you love is critical of you deal with it calmly and unemotionally. Think if its a  valid point or not. Dont take it personally. *p**p*Dont let others opinions bring you down. *p*

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