How do you exactly understand if you are a bi?

How do you exactly  understand if you are a bi? Sexual orientation can be a little confusing. How do I ensure that I am not a Bi.  P.S. I have caught myself oggling at women many a times!

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Neeti Singh
July 13, 2017


  1. Such an honest and candid response. Bonobology is indeed an awesome space to clear out and discuss everything related to relationships!*p**p*Thanks  a lot :)*p*

  2. This can be confusing as hell, trust me!*p**p* *p**p*But after talking and reading a lot, I devised a system which includes watching porn. If you are trying to find out more about your orientation, try watching porn and see if watching women turns you on. Remember, oggling does not count, you must feel getting aroused. If you dont feel anything, you are not bi or a lesbian. But if it does arouse you, proceed to step 2.*p**p* *p**p*This one is a little harder, now you have to fantasize. Try visualising a sexy lady, and if it arouses you enough, try to masturbate, and if you are able to orgasm with the image of a woman in your mind, you are attracted to women. *p**p* *p**p*Try it out, its fun.*p*

  3. Ogling doesn't count as anything I feel. You have to be comfortable enough with a person from opposite gender in the bed and between the sheets which demand a lot of compassion and trust on each other. And it's tough to have that kind of connection with someone irrespective of their gender. So it's relly tough to discover your sexuality in that way. Either you know it or you don't. Or try it and hate it. But you can't really understand it by reading the signs.*p*

  4. hey, if you feel like doing more than oggling for instance if you feel the desire to be intimate with them emotionally or physically then i feel like there is a chance you may be bisexual. attractive people always catch people's attention, regardless of the gender. im pretty sure id ogle too if kylie jenner was in front of me!*p*

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