How do you know if you are ready for parenthood?

Many couples put parenthood on the back-burner for various reasons: They want to live up their lives a little, they are not emotionally or financially prepared to take care of the child, they have other responsibilities to take care of first. But one of the oft-repeated answers is: I’m not ready yet. Well, how and when do you really know if you are ready for parenthood?

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Krishnamurthi Kumar
August 18, 2017


  1. No one can ever prepare to become a parent. It can just happen. Like, one morning you wake up and see your partner and think that I want to kids right now. And that’s when you are ready. Your mind thinks this because every other thing in your life doesn’t come up in your mind as a priority. When you are mentally ready for it, everything else just falls into place. It’s all in mind.

  2. If you are ready to take up additional responsibilities, if you are ready to make changes in your lifestyle – if you are ready to give up on booze and party for a year or two in order to enjoy the laughters and cries of your little one, yes, you are ready.

  3. You’re never truly mentally prepared to have a baby but I think financially stability is a must. Also, preparations should be made to have a support system if both parents are working. Maybe good househelp or grandparents can be enlisted to help .

  4. See if you have a support structure around to take care. The right time is when you have time. And also are financially able to care for the infant and the years to come

  5. I don’t think one can ever be truly ready for such a big responsibility. Maybe you can have the right job or enough money, but children demand a lot physically and emotionally and it is a lifelong commitment. I’d say just take the plunge when your heart is ready to take care of something so delicate and vulnerable. And take it one step at a time from there

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