How fair is it when women have to ‘take permission’ from their in-laws to visit their parents?

How fair is it when women have to 'take permission' from their in-laws to visit their parents?

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Surabhi Pandey
June 7, 2017


  1. I think responsibilities towards both set of parents are equal. Both partners should understand this and respect this fact. I agree when you say that "ideal scenario would be to acknowledge and respect each others' needs and opinions.*p*

  2. Couldn't agree more. I think men and women both are equally responsible for this unfortunate situatin. tWomen need to take a stand for themeselves and men need to be men enough in situations like this!*p*

  3. That's the state that we need to work on….like a prenup should be discussed before hand …but how many of us actually give this a thought when in love or getting married…?*p**p*if its happening to you now just ensure you break the circle at YOU! *p*

  4. It's quite unfair actually. As a matter of etiquette you should inform other members if your are in the same family. If you stay apart, then it is no business of anyone to give "permission" to you for going anywhere. Haven't ever heard of men taking permission from their spouses or in-laws to visit any place!*p*

  5. She should need to only 'inform' the in-laws and not seek 'permission' provided her parents are not the cause of dischord in the newly wedded couple's life. Many mothers are so 'active' in the life of their married daughters that it comes in way of her getting 'detached' from her old home and settling well in new life.*p*

  6. Basically…discuss right? Where no one person holds the authority to say yes or no! *p*

  7. However much we may say fair or unfair the fact of the matter is the person who controls the purse strings controls the action! Sad but true! *p*

  8. Not fair.*p**p*In fact, I have personally objected to this by saying,  "why make it like for every little thing we need to get School Principal's permission first?" Felt immature and humiliating (imprisoned actually) *p**p*At the same time, I have also met women who 'need' to go to parents house every time they think of an excuse(which happens a lot).*p**p*Like any other things, ideal scenario would be to acknowledge and respect each others' needs and opinions. *p**p* *p**p* *p**p* *p*

  9. Right to freedom related to personal decisions is a fundamental right. So I beleive that asking for permission to visit parents is unjust. However, a women should inform in-laws about the visit and ensure that she is there for her in-laws, too in case of urgency or need. *p*

  10.  *p**p**p*This topic is of very little relevance in today's times when MIL-DIL duo dress up in similar fashion, enjoy a drink, shop and socialise together. However, in our society as a whole, be it parents or in-laws,they may not expect but would love this sort of gesture. Taking permission doesn't make one small, but it is not a must by any chance. *p*

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