How fair is it when women have to ‘take permission’ from their in-laws to visit their parents?

How fair is it when women have to 'take permission' from their in-laws to visit their parents?

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Surabhi Pandey
June 7, 2017


  1. Dealing with in laws is tricky business. The relationship is built on respect. While they may be much older and experienced in life, you too are an adult capable of taking your own decisions. Specially something as simple is meeting your parents. It's important for you to draw the line early on in your relationship with in laws on what say they have in your life. There seems to be no reason why you need to take permission to meet your family, even friends or go about your day to day life. Keep them informed when need be, but that's about it in my opinion.*p*

  2. If you're living with your in laws maybe just let them know when stepping out of the house. You are an adult so don't need permission but depending on your relationship with them, you can disclose as much as you want about your whereabouts. *p*

  3. Not fair at all. They can inform them for the sake of their knowledge but not more than that. They do not need to ask for anyone's permission before going to their own place. Although it happens in many Indian households still in the 21st Century, I think its high time that it changes.*p*

  4. Not fair at all.. I think it is time for us to evolve our mindsets.. Visiting parents is a human right. Why restrict anyone from that?*p*

  5. The institution of marriage is built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.Societal norms in India are still archaic and though women have shattered the glass ceiling in many areas, marital relationships remain a weak area. While I would not advocate "permission" to be sought by a woman from her in-laws, it would be prudent for her to discuss with her husband and then inform the in-laws.*p*

  6. It is the most unfair thing but unfortunately this is the fact in our soceity. Young women in majority of families have to take permission from their in-laws for visiting their parents, to go out for a movie or shopping, to visit doctors, to spend money. The sad part is I see these women have accepted this regressive practice as a fact of life and don't mind so much. Few do mind but they don't want to be the troublemaker so keep quiet. The husband is to be blamed mostly I feel for keeping quiet and be the enabler.*p*

  7. I agree with Surabhi here. I know lots of MILs who dress up like the DIL, drink and socialise. But this is just for the outer world. At home it is the same old story. But of course it is not at all important to take permission. Do they want you to take permission for going to parents house? Then they will probably expect you to take permission to go anywhere else too. It is your life. Keep a good relation and inform them. No permission please*p*

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