How important are kids for the happiness in marriage ?

The belief that the couple must have babies after marriage, is no more universally accepted. There is a growing number among married couples, who either postpone their decision to have a baby or decide not to have any. Since kids bring joy into life, most people feel they are symbols of hope and happiness. But in your view, can a couple lead a happy life, if they decide not to have children ?

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Dr. Sanjeev Trivedi
August 3, 2017


  1. You are right Divyansh, in saying that though children may be an important outcome but not the purpose of marriage.

  2. A happy marriage is self sufficient. That is why you have each other. Yea, most people have children and one of the main reasons for marriage is to have children. But that is parenting. Children are one part of a marriage, but not the only of the most important part

  3. Yes kids bring joy in life. But there is a lot more that brings joy in life. And one should not have children to bring joy in our own lives. That’s selfish. You bring a life here, it comes from you but nor for you. That child is its own person. And of course a couple can be happy without each other. In fact if you need children to keep your marriage happy then that shows something missing in your marriage in my opinion

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