How important is communication in marriage?

I have often heard wives complain that their husbnads do not pay heed to them. How important is communication in marriage? Are husbands actually damaging their marriages but simply not listening or talking enough?

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Nitin Kumar
June 7, 2017


  1.  *p**p*That's the most important bit. Where you reveal yourself to your partner mentally. And, Women want more and more of conversation coming from their husbands. Because they feel more secure and understand the love better when their husband reciprocates it verbally too. And, the husbands should also understand the importance of communication. I'm very lucky as my husband and I communicate everything with each other.And that's why we feel like being friends who happen to be married to each other and enjoy our love. That's how out marriage is successful. *p*

  2. Communication is the foundation of a successful marriage. It bridges the space between husband and wife and helps them unburden their minds. It is so crucial for a husband to communicate with his better half. She may be harboring a thousand thoughts in her heart, which could be positive or negative. It is through a healthy communication that positive thoughts can be encouraged and negative thoughts thrown out. I’d say to every husband to take the time out and listen to her. And, once, she feels that you value her concerns, you will see a positive change in her demeanor. Don’t make your spouse feel lonely in your company. Talk to her and be a beautiful part of her world that is incomplete without you. *p*

  3. I think it is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Talking to each other as partners and friends is extremely important. I don't think one can generalise and say that it is men who undermine the power of communication. Listening and talking to each other's said and unsaid emotions is something we all take for granted as our relationships progress. It's when the silences become too loud that we notice them! The best way to deal with it is to not let these silences come in between in the first place. *p*

  4. absolutely. communication is the stem to a flower. the state of a flower depends on the condition of the stem, whether it blooms, whether it withers away or fades. not just in marriages, but in every relationship. unfortunately husbands take their relationship for granted, they are busy with work, spend time in their gadgets but hardly realize that the female body needs them to communicate, express, love inorder to feel worthy in a relationship. more than 75% of all arguments, frictions shall disappear if husbands begin to communicate with their wives!!*p*

  5. "It's when the silences become too loud that we notice them!"*p**p*This hit me. You are absolutely right.*p*

  6. "ore than 75% of all arguments, frictions shall disappear if husbands begin to communicate with their wives!!"*p**p* *p**p*I hope the male community is listening. thanks for the insight. This platform is a bonn for confused souls like me. Kudos to bonobology!*p*

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