How is life after divorce going to be?

Married at 21, kids at 23 and now divorced. That’s my classmate from college. She sure didn’t see this coming. But what next? She is at a complete loss now and looking for answers foe her life. Hope it gets better for her.

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Sreetama Basu
June 7, 2017


  1. Yes..the thing about life is that it goes on! People adapat, learn new ways of life. *p*

  2. Let's look at the silver lining for the moment. She's just 23. She is full of energy and enthusiasm to build her own life. Though things didn't go right for her but a bump shouldn't affect the whole journey. She should learn about life from and give those lesson to herself and her kid and move ahead with whatever reality she has. And, she should marry someone in a few years. There are men who wouldn't care about a woman being a divorcee and will give her all the happiness she wants and deserves. *p**p*Just stay strong and carry on. *p*

  3. Life does not stop here.. It may be little difficult in initial phase, but all will be settled after passage of some time.. If she is financial independent, having activities and living in metro/urban area, then it will take short time to back to routine, else little more time..*p**p* *p**p* *p**p* *p*

  4. It will for sure. I know that this tragedy is too much for her to take at the moment but with time she must feel better. She has all the years of her life left ahead and I do not think she should be caught up too much with the past once she moves on. I hope she moves on and becomes happy in life too. *p*

  5. Its not that everyone who loses a spouse either due to God's act or separation no longer has a life. I do not know the reasons but sure there was something which created so much of a rift that they decided divorce was a better option. She is young, a mother and should look at the bright side, focus on her new life with her kids. Moping over something that wasnt worthwhile in the first place serves no purpose*p*

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