How it feels to have a husband who competes

Married to a classmate, I have always felt my husband gets into a sort of competition with me on every little issue rather than confrontation! Be it who is doing more for the son, who is earning more, who has more friends, who is more social. In the beginning I used to get very irritated or even upset that instead of encouraging and talking good or highlighting the talents of a wife, he is more into that unhealthy competition stemming from jealousy. But well later I realised it was nothing but immaturity. How to cope with it? I chose to ignore.

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August 25, 2017


  1. If you have finally managed to categorise his childish/immature acts, and have become sorted, you are peaceful. Though it took you a long time to assess his behaviour, you have now cleared your mind and that is the best part of it.

  2. you both are married to each other.Try n show him reason and if he doesnt understand have the guts to take a stand and if you dont accept and stop complaining.

  3. Ignorance isn’t the bliss here. You are two individuals but at the same time belong to same team. One’s success, pain, happiness is irrevocably linked to the other. And if he is immature then you got to be the one to show him the way.

  4. Ridiculous! whatever happened to “much better half” stuff? a husband ought to be proud of his wife’s achievements.
    you are classmates you say? was this always the case? or was it a gradual corrosion of his confidence over the years because of a hard society and unwarranted peer pressure? maybe you need to sit him down for tender loving care and a soul chat.But you cannot have it go on like this, its, ridiculous like i opined and will lead to unwanted situations.