How long term can online affairs be?

Online affairs seem to be the Gen Z thing. How durable and reliable can these relationships be?

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Swati Mehra
June 7, 2017


  1. that is exactly what comes to my mind often. Not be judgemental, but it does seem a little superficial.*p*

  2. I somehow find the word online affairs to be oxymoronic. I do not think an affair which is limited to phone texts and calls can grow for a long time. A time will come when you will feel like you need to carry the relationship forward and if it does not happen the relationship will gradually die out its lease. Its plain human nature. *p*

  3. How would something that platonic can last for a very long time? It just excites you for a while but fail to meet any other criteria for a long lasting relationship. Until and unless you take it to the next level, it just remains as virtual as it is.*p*

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