How many of you singles out there are truly content? And how many of you feel you will only find contentment after meeting the right person?

Hi, I'm generally trying to undertsand if there are some who are actually happy while being single, or if there's this aching gap within you waiting to be filled by someone, that dream partner. There's no harm in wating to find companionship, but are we feeling personally fulfilled before we go out and meet someone? I think for a long time we've pinned our hopes on relationships, little realising that true contentment may just be found within us… Let me know your views on this… 

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Ritika Bajaj
June 7, 2017


  1. Most of my friends are comfortable being single. however,i feel just the opposite . Maybe i was mesmerized my romantic movies or novels to find that perfect soulmate – dream girl that is going to come in my life and make me feel wanted, complete and satisfied. I still believe in my dreams .and dreams do come true. ( a emotional dreamer and adventurer- yup thats me)*p*

  2. I guess it depends on individual. You may have best of the job and great family friends pets and everything is just perfect yet you feel a void. Nobody waits for that perfect one. We just bump into someone and things click. What's more important is don't get into justifying being single . More you discuss it, more you give way to the feeling of void. Also do not restrict yourself from falling in love with someone and do not please do not think of eternity with that one person. Let it bru.Having said that there are perks of being single and being committed both. Taking life as it comes is the best approach.*p*

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