How much is ‘enough’?

I have often seen in relationships (at times even friendships), that there is always one person who gives more to the relationship than the other. Although the person in question doesn't mind it initially, over time they grow tired of being the ones taking the initiative of keeping the equation going. They love the other person, don't want to let go, yet, are fed up of the lack of equal reciprocation, and always being the ones making the effort. What does one do in such a situation? 

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Upasana Arora
June 7, 2017


  1. One person will always work more ro sustain the relationship that is for sure. We all talk about how couples should give an equal effort in a relationship but practically one partner always works harder than the other.*p**p*I think there is not much you can do about it except talking it out with your partner. With time,  partners start adjusting and understanding each other's actions. But if a partner feels that he/she is feeling wronged by the indifference of the other, then a confrontation could come in handy.*p*

  2. That's how not so ideal relationships are. Obviously, you look for the same amount of reciprocation from your partner but one rarely gets it. And if water goes way above our head then other person gets out of it. That's it. You shouldn't take a shit when you don't give any shit back. And I feel this kind of situation almost everyone faces in their relationship once and either they move into a better place in the relationship or they move on from each other. *p*

  3. This is so true…in a relationship there will always be someone who gives more! And it gets tiring for the one who recieves less. My advice…*p**p*1. Try to pull back a little. Even if it is tough for you. How can you do that? Have some pressing work. *p**p*2. Pick up new hobbies, histroy has shown and ideal mind makes people more in love or invested! *p**p*More soon! *p*

  4. The one who is fiercely guarding the relationship also has the right to drop the guard and march on if he/she feels a lack of worth and appreciation. Then again there's another scenario when a person is almost the mom or dad of the relationship carrying the 'baby' on his shoulders. When this parent factor comes in definitely 'how much is enough' gets stretched to greater tolerance levels, patience of saints and multiple chances in a nutshell all out efforts at keeping the relationship going. This happens subconsciously initially but later the awareness level comes up. I can only say 'good luck' to such a soul. *p*

  5. The one who pulls the relationship is the one who feels he needs the other one. In case of friends or girlfriend/boyfriend with time as you try and maintain them as your top priority they get a sense of it and as per normal human tendency take you for granted.*p**p*The only way to deal with this is to form relationships that are equal both friends value each other as much and the relationship credit in each's account is always balanced. *p*

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