how open tolerant and accepting should we be when our partner vents out an emotional build up?

three outing plans in a row cancelled due to sudden work of hubby. when it finally happened again, i fumed and vented out. he didnt like it at all. cant we ? with the expectation that our partner will be a bit more accepting to our fume out specially since its not a  regular habit !!

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June 7, 2017


  1. As long as the other spouse stays rooted and calm, and not escalate it into a shouting game or emotional drama, and treat it as just a venting episode – for what it is, it is fine! Bottling up of feelings is dangerous. Venting is healthy. Understanding is the best.*p*

  2. 1. Be understanding. Venting out needs to be timed.*p**p*2. Be natural. Do not let yourself to be taken for granted.*p**p*3. Strike a balance between the above two rules.*p*

  3. It depends on what you say. Anger makes us say things we really don't mean. If you're just venting about how all the cancellations upset you because you were looking forward to the plan. But if you make it about him and you, or just him alone, it can be a problem*p*

  4. We end up taking out our stresses and frustrations on those we love. If the cancellation was because or things out of his control then it may not be fair to blame him for it. *p*

  5. Sometimes we may pick fights or argue with our partners for no fault of theirs. It could just be a bad day or any pressure we are facing. If your partner suddenly snaps, keep in mind it could just be life's frustrations and nothing against you. *p*

  6. May be he was trying his best to make it up to you and since he couldn't, he expected you to at least appreciate that he tried. With the workload we deal with every day we tend to miss out on spending some quality time with our loved ones. Your reaction was completely normal since you have been expecting it to happen and yes he should have been a little more understanding but he may have been equally upset. *p*