How to be happy and single?

How to be happy and single? 

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Hema K
June 7, 2017


  1. Being single is all about exploring yourself. There are many things which we, as individuals, want only for ourselves. Be it going for a sudden tour with friends or just doing whatever you feel like whenver you feel like. I feel it is an emotion in itself. It is how you see life that matters. How positively you see life. Some special people may come and add to the fun but the key to happiness rests in your hand. So enjoy life to the fullest when you are single and never stop exploring yourself.*p*

  2. Happiness has nothing to do with your relationship status. One can be single and happy at the same time. And similarly, it goes for someone who's not committed to anyone. It's the peer pressure which makes us feel bad about ourselves and not the actual fact that we're single. This leads to desperations, denial, and depression. Which shouldn't happen. We should love ourselves and then love others. *p*

  3. Hapiness lies solely in how we feel about ourselves. *p**p*one who is unhappy will attract people and situations to keep them unhappy. happy people are those who are comfortable in their own skin. Sure, it's lonely sometimes. It is not always pleasant to be in a social situation with no partner but then it is exponentially better than being with someone and being unhappy.*p**p*Find happiness in yourself and you will attract people who want to be with you for all the right reasons, Until then, nothing better than having a group of very good friends to keep your spirits up.   *p*

  4. True.. thanks.. sometimes I get a little low but your reply gave me an insight.. Thanks*p*

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