How to deal with the accusations from the past

When a spouse constantly reminds the other of the mistakes and poor judgments that were done 3, 5, 7 or even 15 years back, it becomes incorrigible. The less fortunate half doesn’t have enough logic to defend him or herself after so many years and the vocal one is not willing to let the past go.What should a couple do then? Ask for separation and move ahead? Trial for reconciliation and peace doesn’t last. What’s the resort to spend rest of their lives peacefully?

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Tapan Mozumdar
June 7, 2017


  1. The past no matter how wonderful or how terrible it was is ur past both as a couple and as individuals. Holding on and blaming your partner may give you a temporary feeling of peace and self righteousness, in the long run it only makes you an escapist!! Drawing on the past never has helped anyone won’t help you won’t help your spouse… the always ours can we rectify those mistakes and move ahead as a couple , a team or stay rooted in a bitter blame game and complacency*p*

  2. Some mistakes leave the underneath open wound with a fragile scab. A small hall of wind can expose them to the brittle pain. If you believe that they were truly a mistake on your part, sometimes seeking apologies for the ignorance can be beneficial. Try to communicate with your spouse, tell him that you are truly sorry for those past deeds and you want to help him out surpassing them. tell him, that the constant reminders not only hurts him but you too. A love balm is never as injurious as a paranoid heart.

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