How to eject yourself out from the friendzoned status and fall back in race to impress your crush?

Ppl, i need your suggestion of how to eject yourself out from the frienddzoned status and come back in the race to impress the crush. . . i know it is difficult, but i am very sure that there must be many out there, who had been there, and done it!!!

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June 7, 2017


  1. Start by noticing her more, pay special attention to her in the group, give compliments, flirt a little. Be careful not to go over the top with your advances. She's bound to notice the change. Let your common friends know that you want more than friendship. She will ask them about your behaviour change. And if she likes the answer and sticks around, ask her out and take things from there. All the best!*p*

  2. Pay attention. LOTS of attention. That's one thing we all want and enjoy. But don't get creepy or intrusive. State your intent, but play it cool, and things will hopefully take a turn for the better. :)*p*