How to encourage my wife to use her qualifications to do something instead of sitting at home?

I got married recently. My wife is highly qualified but she left her job as soon as she got married. I wish she could use her qualifications into doing something and also don’t waste her time at house. Can you guys please tell me that how should I encourage her?

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Ayushi Vaidya
June 7, 2017


  1. It’s heartening to know you want her to do something apart from household chores. Wish more men thought on similar lines. Tell her that she can use her own money to buy whatever she wants without having to depend on you. Also tell her that double income would translate into a better lifestyle for both of you, help you realise your dreams faster. All the best 🙂

  2. Well, you see managing a home is equally a task and so I dont think you should force her to do anything. If she is highly qualified, I am sure she will end up finding something good for herself in the near future. But do appreciate her efforts of running a home as well and then encourage her to pursue her professional dreams.

  3. First off, please never say she’s wasting her time at house. Most/any woman would take an offense at that. How about you cherish the time and efforts she puts in to make a home, and let her know you would appreciate her making personal/professional progress as well <3

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