How to maintain a long distance relationship?

My boyfriend and I started this Long Distance Relationship about 02 years ago. We used totalk once in a week initially (busy schedule) and now, almost every day. I wonder if we should keep each other updated about our daily schedule which we still don't, like what we are gonna do tomorrow, what's the plan etc, or that shows I like to be too much into him? We like each other. How should we keep the spark going?

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Komal Chopra
June 7, 2017


Anonymous July 13, 2017 - 10:22 am
Ajay June 8, 2017 - 8:55 am

My wife and I were in a long distance for some time before our marriage. We tried to speak everyday, sometimes the conversation would be seconds, just a good night. Sometimes, it would be hours. We tried making schedules but it's difficult to stick to that. Long distance really tests relationships. Don't feel like you have to say or do some things. But it does require extra work. Keep him involved in your life and stay involved in his. With my wife, moving to video calls and Skype really helped keeping the spark alive. Just seeing her everyday made my day better!*p*

Hridaan June 8, 2017 - 8:55 am

Long distance relationship is a very challenging proposition. As you pointed out, you obviously do not want to be too nosey about everything. But believe me, the real battle of a succesful long distance relationship is won before you go in different directions. The battle is won if you know and understand each other properly during pre-long distance relationship stage. If you know each other well enough you may well be able to gauge what he wants at a particular point in time. Sometimes he may get frustrated with it and freak out just like you. It is completely normal as you both miss each other physically. At that time, its important that one of you remain calm and bring the situation under control which may otherwise end up in a nasty fight. But even if you both shout at each other, its fine. It will guarantee that both of you are still passionate. So my advice will be do not over try. Keep making him feel special from time to time and fight when you need to because if you try to keep your feelings mechanical, you will most inevitably fail.*p*

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