How to maintain balance between husband and friends?

My husband is very possessive and doesn’t like me talking to others. I am a very social person. How can I convince him that I need to have friends other than him?

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October 3, 2017


  1. Being possessive till one extent is right, on some levels cute too. But you can definitely let him know that you have a life of your own as well. And we all need friends in our life! Share with him your day and fell him as much as you love spending time with him, you need to have some time of your own too.

  2. By friends do u mean men friends then I don’t blame him. With make friends you don’t know what boundaries to draw. I know many women who say that he is my friend whom I confide in and I use his shoulder to cry on. Never understood the need of a masculine shoulder. If your friends are females you can plan day meetings with them. I am sure he will not say no to them. Pander to his whims see if life takes a turn for better

  3. OMG! Jealousy can be a dampner and a killer! it is very difficult to convince a man otherwise. Maybe you should try and plan outings without him! I know many men like that and they do not change!

  4. One way to make him realise that he, too, has friends of his own and talks to them when needed.
    In case he doesn’t have any friends, he probably is lonely and threatened. You need to make him feel more important than he presently feels so that he can eventually be open to your being friends with others.
    You could also introduce him to some of your friends so that you can hang out together sometimes.

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