How to understand and fight back psychological abuse in relationship?

Abusive relationships take a toll on us. However, we are many a times unable to understand, recognise and accept it. It become difficult for us, esp men, to talk about it. How to understand psychological abuse in relationship?

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Nitin Kumar
June 7, 2017


  1. Psychological abuse is really uncalled for in a relationship. It is one of the many reasons which can destroy a relationship. Constant criticism, threatening and shaming are all examples of psychological abuse. Even manipulation is a form of psychological abuse that leads to depression and disillusionment.*p*

  2. Sometimes we ignore psychological abuse, thinking that the bickering, the constant putting down is all part of just normal everyday conversations. If your partner makes you look small infront of others or even jsut makes you feel less equal, please stand up for your self and take it up. *p*

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