How will you divide the finances if your would be husband earns less than you?

Consider, that your boyfriend has all the degrees from the reputed institutions. He can easily get a job anywhere yet he chooses to work on his dream job though it pays less. On the other hand, you have a steady income. Would you ask him to keep working on his dream job and take all the finances on yourself though you have almost nothing left at the end of the month?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Life is dynamic and so are circumstances. Today's equations may change tomorrow and therefore both should work towards making the marriage wonderful, rather than being critical about finances, which is just one factor in a successful marriage. *p*

  2. I think he should be encouraged to stick on with his dream Job. If he remains satisfied with his work, his mind would be at ease and the stress level would be a lot lesser. Even though he will earn less but he will be able to do what he does best and that can aid the financial situation in the long run.*p*

  3. I believe that income is neccessary in life but this is not the only thing to have happiness. When a person does his dream job, he is happy from inside and he might make it big source of income one day. Till then I will advice to equally contribute a certain amount and keep it aside as saving or common expenses. For eg. My hubby and me to contribute Rs 10000/- from each of salary and put it aside in joint account.*p**p*This is one way to combine and be happy. Else, when you decide to support each other for life it includes all the aspects emotionally, financially and materialistic. If one is earning less or may decide to not to work later in life; other should support and mutually decide on the way of living. *p*

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