How will you react if you happened to meet your first love unexpectedly?

What will be your reaction if you come across her/ him, your teenage crush unexpectedlly? Will you avoid her or try to hide? Will you be able to look into her eyes with same passion you once had? Of course, each one has their own way of reacting.Let’s discuss how it would be for each of you?

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Shine Syamaladevi
June 7, 2017


  1. I’m actually in touch with most people I’ve crushed on or dated through the years and share a fairly amiable relationship with them. While I do think that, given enough time, one or two of them might still rekindle feelings in me, my first love is firmly behind me and I think I’ve gotten over him completely as a romantic partner. *p*

  2. That’s interesting Jamshed. I actually know a person who met the woman he had had seen as a part of an arranged marriage thing 35 years back. Fast forward to today, he is married, father of 1, she is divorced, her child settled outside India. He connected and the started a relationship. And they are going strong!

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