How would you define your relationship with your partner: all action no talks or talk and help make it better

Men usually are concerned about how well they did while not all partners are very willing to openly discuss how their experience was and is there need for improvement. Share your experiences let’s help the community benefit from it.

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June 7, 2017


  1. We have gradually gotten better at sex.*p*Both of us were novices when we got married and had to figure things out, which isn’t as natural and easy as it is made out to be.*p**p*The first few weeks were anxious and unconsummated and thus anxious. Credit to my wife for her patience and support. We had conversations about what was working and what was not.*p**p*Then we got better and could start talking about different things we could try and so on. *p**p*It felt very awkward initially but quite ironically trying to figure out the mechanics helped us overcome the awkwardness of talking about sex.

  2. Communication, Communication, Communication. For us, communication is the magic word. We definitely discuss everything and it always helps , helps both of us to understand better what turns on and what is definitely turn off. It helps both the partners enjoy the moment rather than just faking it or pretending to enjoy and leaving a lot to be desired.*p**p*Every person is different and what works for one might not necessarily work for the other.Instead of guessing or remaining quiet / shy it always helps to discuss and such discussions also bring partners closer, break the ice and bond like friends.

  3. It is said women in relationships talk a lot. I talk even more than the normal proverbial wives. My daughter has serious non-diagnosed health issues since the beginning and my life is tied up around that. I talk non stop about my new theories about her, my net research, her symptoms, slight changes in her, my anxiety about her and so on. My husband suddenly a year back asked me to stop talking for few hours in the late evening and just watch some movies or some sitcoms which we both enjoy. We used to be only parents but now things have changed a little. But of course mine is an exceptional case.

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