How would/did you change your bedroom after marriage?

This question is to both the sexes, would/did you bring in bigger wardrobe, move TV inside, revamp the attached bathroom or paint the walls?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Ours was a love cum arranged marriage so nothing has remained unchanged. The room has transformed from “his room” to “our room” with the new beginning. I believe marriage is about dissolving two souls into one, so word “I” lost its meaning and word “we” become more significant. *p*We changed everything keeping in mind our finances from curtains, pillows, bedsheets to shifting our TV to living room and giving our room a more romantic feeling making it our small world. We added a lot of pillows, changed the colour of curtains from dark to light shades. TV was a strict no from both of us as we both strongly believe OTHER things, dont get me wrong like sweet talks, snuggling should be happening in the bedroom rather then watching TV.*p**p**p**p*

  2. I would change my room giving it a floral touch .Keeping in Mind that the room don’t get turn so girlish ofcourse, would go for some solid colors too for walls. And would bring home theatre as I love listing musics.Yes! Bigger wardrobe for sure. And would choose decorating my room with a theme like pastel, bright, nature, Something like this.

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