Husband and wife; does friendship get into the way of being romantic with each other.

Is being friends over-rated in a marriage? Nowadays there is a huge emphasis on partners being best friends. Everywhere we read about husband and wife being comrades, buddies, or bff's.. If this is so, then, does this come in the way of a romantic liason between the two. How to make the switch between being friends and lovers so quickly on a day to day basis?  

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Malini Misra
July 13, 2017


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  2. In my case it did… atleast in the first 10 years… gradually with maturity my husband tried to be romantic. Else we always end up fighting or loving like friends.. you know those small little arguments that friends do and finally end up pinching each other or just making faces. Specially if you are of the same age, romance surely takes a backseat, *p*

  3. Passion wont be there always! so its important to be with somoene that you feel comfortable with. And if there is the combination of friendship and passionit would be awesome. *p*

  4. Its the natural progression of love! you have to gradually move on from the 'passionate' type of love to a more companionate form of love and the absence of this progression may even hint at serious flaws in the relationship. It occurs naturally with the passage of time.*p*

  5. In Hindu marriage in one of the 7 vows during pheras the groom vows that the bride shall be his best friend forever. So also does the bride takes the same vow. I do not find anything new in fulfilling this vow. Actually studying the 7 vows takes care of the answers to the question. But it is for the faithful. Nowadays, these vows do not mean anything more than a ritual.*p*

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