Husband having an Affair

My husband is having an emotional affair with a coworker. He refuses to end the relationship because they are “just friends”. He loves her, but says it’s not like he loves me. I want to confront her. Should I?

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August 28, 2017


  1. What will you get out of the confrontation? Best is to understand your spouse and live and let live.

  2. Why confront ? Why not trust your husband and ask him to call her (along with any of her spouse/ family member) for a cup of tea/coffee ? After all ‘they are just friends’ and so no one should really object to this light chat.

    Simultaneously do two things, try to upgrade your skills in relationship management and also try understanding her ‘advantage areas’.

  3. You should confront your husband first and clear things out with him.
    Talking to her won’t help at this point.

  4. If you want to save your marriage then you need to get things straight on the plate. Talk to them both and clear stuff out.

  5. You should. It is your marriage she is wrecking and she should come face to face with that. Cheating isn’t just about sex, and your husband cannot use that as an excuse. Perhaps you can suggest they tie rakhi and love one another as brother sister. Let’s see what they say then!