Husband verbally abuse and get away with it. Why?

Husband verbally abuse and get away with it. Why?

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Neeti Singh
June 7, 2017


  1. Its because women feel that men have the right to do so because they are often the bread earners. Women feel that the anger of their husband is justified and although they may feel wronged they stay silent because they maybe dependent upon their husband. Another reason is the lack of support that women get regarding these matters. Although this scenario needs to change, issues like these are common in the Indian society.*p*

  2. Because we do not know how to put our foot down. I saw a play Flowers are not enough, do check it out…*p*

  3. Because women lack support when they need it the most. Our society doesn't poke their nose into something when there is a high requirement of doing that. They'll rather be talking and gossiping about it and how it was actually wife's fault and not the husband's! That's how the patriarchal society is. They always know how now to pay attention a women's grief and hardship and instead paving a better way for men to crush a woman's self-respect. *p*

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