I don’t know how to pacify her as she has a husband who is delirious whenever she has any flaunting comments in her fb account.He bluntly decides that she is having relationships with him.

I just need to know what I should advice her

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Rachana Chakraborty
July 13, 2017


  1. Advice her to be more frank with her husband with respect to every comment she gets on social media. Maybe if he gets more exposed to her social life, he starts understanding it and gets normal with over time. Secrecy won't help anyone here. *p*

  2. Thanks Priya for your advice ,but her husband seems to be intolerant of her postings in the social networking.He just keeps on checking on her mails and messages even at the middle of the night.I really don't know how she can convince her.*p*

  3. I am guessing your friend's husband thinks she is in an affair with any man she talks to  on FB. He is very insecure and some people tend to be and they are really difficult to talk to as they see anything you say proff of you trying to hide something from them. They want to control every aspect of your life and if you love them then you will let them do that. Maybe ask her to get to the root of his insecurity. In the end she needs to explain to him that she loves him and is not interested in any other man, but she is entitled to have friends of both genders. And the fact that she is talking out there in the open on social media really shows that she has nothing to hide.*p*

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