I feel it is important for us to discuss second marriage success stories to encourage the concept. The Indian society needs to be more accepting about it.

People who lose their first partners to infidelity, death or because of whatsoever reasons, don't they deserve a second chance at happiness? Let us share second marriage success stories to spread this idea.

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Swati Mehra
June 7, 2017


  1. Hope everyone gets a chance in life to make it happy again like you had. :)*p**p*Wish you, even more happiness and luck in the future. Keep setting examples for Indian society. *p*

  2. I have remarried after losing my spouse of 16 years. I loved him very much and had never envisaged life without him , but destiny had other plans for me. I was widowed at the age of 38 , and left to look after 2 children. My husband lived life king-size and taught me to do the same…He taught me to live life and not just exist …So after 3 years of loneliness, I remarried a widower with 3 children …There were lots of adjustments for both of us, but we dealt with all the issues as one , never disagreeing on main issues like children upbringing, financial and life at home. He completely trusted me on being fair to his children , with his finances …Which made it easier for me to do justice to my responsibilities …And today 13 years into this marriage, we both look back in satisfaction to see all our 5 kids settled in life ( careers, marriage ,etc) and we have each other for companionship and old age. *p**p* *p**p*Please feel free to ask or comment on any issue you would like me to elaborate on.*p*

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