I want to break up :(

Dear allI am separated for more then a year and I got in live in relationship right after that , but since i got into this relationship i have got many problems and issues and now i want to break up with her as i don't see any future with her but i do love her how do i tell her that i want out without hurting her please advice

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June 7, 2017


  1. When breaking up seems the easier option than making it work because it can mean putting in efforts, investing time & energy which at this point, might seem like a draining exercise- why not, just step back for a while. Not break up & cause her immense pain nor drag your feet through it, feeling like a fake. Instead, step back & tell her you need some time off to heal. *p**p*Healing is not a passive process. Its a time of introspection, time to jot down what you want from life, what makes you happy, what you can do to make the other person happy, where do you see yourself 5 yrs down the life and what are the ways in which, this relationship could be made more meaningful.*p**p*A breakup is the last resort. Possibly, you could change a few perspectives, embrace a few things which you assumed you didnt like but when you look at how temporary Life is, it might make you think, that what you have-might be worth it*p*

  2. Find out where all you can correct yourself. That will be the beginning towards building a relationship because those who try to 'manage' relationships often fail. *p*

  3. Hi , *p**p*I would recommend you to try and sort out your problems with her and try to make it work. No relationship is perfect and break up is not always the correct answer. Give it a chance with open mind. TALK and try to mend things .*p**p*Although , even if after doing all this you feel that this is not working then just be honest with her. Give her time to accept how you feel because whatever you may do , it will hurt her. Just understand her and help her in moving on.*p*

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