If you want to get out of a relationship but do not have the guts to break up – what to do?


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Nitin Kumar
July 28, 2017


  1. Why don’t you have the ‘guts’? Are you afraid of them or not sure of the break up? Either way, do be sure that you want the break up. And do it in a kind, empathetic way, face to face. It may be difficult initially but over time both of you will realise that it is the best thing to do.

  2. Find the guts, I’d say! If however you are scared because you are afraid of your partner’s reaction, if they have anger issues etc, then break up in a public place and have a friend with you. And be careful, because such people can get really vengeful. So warn those close to you that he/she may try to reach you through them, or even blackmail you using personal information. Though I hope that is not the case here and perhaps you are just scared of breaking a heart. But there is no easy way here, you need to rip the bandage!

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