I’m a 30 year old doctor.. and I’m under a lot of pressure to get married..

I’m stuck. It’s like my life would end if I cross 30 being unmarried. Or I will remain single for ever. Coz 30 something girls don’t have time left to find the kind of spouse they want. Instead they should lean under pressure and get to married to the guy your family likes.

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June 7, 2017


  1. How can you be stuck? As your grow, you make better life decisions. We shouldn’t get married as a matter of course, but because we need healthy, strong relationships. That is more important than your statistical age!

  2. Talk to your parents and tell them how unhappy being married against your will would make you. And the effect it’ll have on your marriage. If that doesn’t work, explain your situation to any guy your parents take you to meet. He will surely understand. For all you know, he may be in the same boat!

  3. I feel you should only consider marriage if you yourself are wanting to get married, not because others tell you it’s the right time. It’s a big commitment and it needs work even when two people love each other insanely.

    Of course you should meet people, either through family or by yourself (if you are looking to find a companion) because you might meet someone who might make you want to get married. But the only reason you should get married, I think, is if you want to. No other reason justifies it and as Nayantara said, it’s not fair to your spouse.

    If you are getting married because of age or social pressure, go into it with that understanding and awareness.

  4. First of all marrying someone in haste wouldn’t turn out as it should. So stop worrying. People get married after 30s also and the marriages are mostly successful because both the spouses are mature enough and settled quite well in their lives. So, marrying at 30+ is not that bad a decision. Arranged marriage and love marriage both depends upon the compatibility of the partners . So doesn’t matter how you get married and when you get married but it’s important is what you do to make the marriage successful.

  5. You are financially independent and pursuing an amazing career. Do not come under pressure. That's not the right reason to get married. Only marry when you are ready for it. Concentrate on yourself and make the most of the time at hand*p*

  6. You are a strong, smart, independent woman who should not let marriage define hear life. If you feel the need to get married, go ahead. But doing so under pressure will not be fair to you or your future spouse. It may be tough, but stay away from your parents if they are putting you under too much pressure.

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