Impact of the financial status of the lady of the house on the relationship

When the lady of the house has a job which is higher paying than her husband's , does it impact the couple relationship in any way? Is the man of the house able to take it in his stride or gets an inferiority complex? 

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Ranjana Kamo
July 13, 2017


  1. When I got married my wife earned more than I did. And we kept edging each other out every increment / promotion cycle for a couple of years.*p**p*I guess we were both always happy for each other. It meant more money for us.*p**p*Sharing the financial burden in an uber-expensive city – my account was usually emptied on the bigger expenses – the car, the house rent, the mahor bills.*p**p*She gave me cash as pocket money – and after evry fancy or not so fancy meal – as the waiter would duly bring the bill to me – I would happily announce "Give it to Madam". In fact the staff at our regular joint started doing that by default!*p**p*In due course of time, the lady made some career moves just to support me or be with me – I still do believe that irrespective of whether she earns or not and how much she earns  – she is capable of earning far more than me. For a career oriented woman like her – it was a supreme sacrifice to have voluntarily slip back in the game.*p**p*I secretly wih she earns more than me soon (and that not by the virtue of me earning less)- She'll be happy! An we'll have more money :)*p*

  2. Really depends on the couple. On the man being secure enough and on the woman not using it to humiliate him. It's just money. Financial success is not indicative of who one is as a person and is best kept out of relationships*p*

  3. I have heard these things impacting couple relationships but to be honest my wife earns more than me and I am absolutely okay with that. It depends on how you see. We have been great friends all along and that is why maybe these things don't matter to us. *p*

  4. Depends on the man. Ideally, it shouldn't matter but given the state of our society, equality is not something which we observe every day in our point of views. The patriarchy always plays with our concept superiority and which brings all the damage to the personal or professional relationship. It's about time that we should look beyond all this and move ahead. *p*

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