Importance of love in a marriage

How important is 'love' in a marriage?


If a couple that has great compatibility and respect for one another, but are not in love, what are they missing out on, in their marriage?


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Aarti Pathak
July 13, 2017


  1. What is the reason love is missing? Is it attraction? Whatever it be, that'll be what they miss out on. Though love can easily grow out of compatibility and respect over time*p*

  2. Love is important. And it's important in any bond for make it sticks till the very end. And if you are really compatible and respect each other and have been in love in the past then I feel that the love might go missing for a while. So don't worry and keep the compatibility and the respect alive till love finds its way back into your relationship.*p*

  3. I think they are missing on conjugal life. If they have great compatibility and respect, it is difficult not to fall for each other, even so…the marraige can sustain.*p*

  4. I'd consider those to be very important. Love as romanticized is a strong passion, infatuation, sometimes bordering on obsession. Maybe they lack those things, but they can still be great partners*p*

  5. They are missing the romance,the longingness,the lovingness between them.A compatible marriage without love is like bff.*p**p*It still works out and thats what matters.*p*

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