In the grey area

I've been dating this girl who used to be a friend. Then she became single and we hooked up as friends with benefits. But I feel we are becoming more than that. Now we lie somewhere between more that friends with benefits but not yet a relationship. How does one really know?

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June 7, 2017


  1. I think even if you resort to friends wih benefits the emotional attachment will inevitably creep up because no relationship can be mechanical for long. There are certain signs which will tell you that you are emotionally connected too. For intstance, you would always want to be around her and will feel jealous if she becomes comfortable with someone else. You may also start missing her whenever she is not around. Its not always the physical gratification that attrats you towards her. The emotional forces is also at work.*p*

  2. I think you get to know when you have to know. You don't get some literature which will explain the signs of love. It'll happen to you and you're the one who'll realize it the first. And if you realize it then please communicate it with her and don't hesitate. Since you're already in a FWB relationship, then you won't be shy with each other and it'll be easier for you to communicate your love.*p*

  3. When we want benefits from something or rather someone, we don't think beyond the benefit. They hold importance until we have derived our result and once done, we seldom think of them. On the other hand, if her company makes u feel happy, light, nervous and wobbly all at the same time, you are moving beyond. If no amount of time spent with her feels enough and you end up yearning for more..congratulations.. U r now entering the "friends in love" zone!!!*p*

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