Infertile and depressed

I recently found out that I cant conceive. Initially I hoped that maybe it's not that big a deal. But as time progresses, I feel my life become meaningless. How do I deal with depression from infertility? I feel no longer any joy in my marriage or life. 

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June 7, 2017


  1. Hey…being a mother is one part of life, not all of it. And there are ways…have you tired IVF? Surrogacy? Also, I wantt o ask you….are you a working woman? Please do not take offence but wld appreciate an answer to this. *p*

  2. Though I don't possess medical knowledge about fertility problems, I can give you a suggestion based on what I have read and watched.*p**p*A major reason for growing infertility is the increasing level of stress it can be related to anything, even the stress of conceiving. And the best way to deal with stress of any form is meditation. We've all known this for a while but never try. *p**p*I am a meditation practitioner for a few years and have experienced drastic changes in my life. When all other doors look shut you have to push up your faith and do something unconventional. I would encourage you to read more about this topic, while I am sharing a link here don't blindly trust it, take time and grow your knowledge on the subject and then give it a shot.*p**p*In case you need any specific help I would be more than willing to assist you.*p*

  3. While the situation you find yourself in may appear to be unfortunate, it is not! Modern medicine has discovered very many ways for a woman to bear children. While I am sure you must have had multiple medical opinions, there is no harm in getting one more. You may like to contact Dr Amit Kamat at Kamat Hospital, Chinchwad, Pune. While he is no magician, he has helped many a woman overcome the fears like the one you have. *p**p*Many couples the world over go through life without having children. There is no need to despair. Life is so beautiful that it needs to be enjoyed, with or without children. You just need an understanding husband. Many childless couples adopt kids or keep pets to ensure that the mind remains in a positive state. Have faith in your own abitity to love. God many a times throws challenges at us.At the most unexpected times. We need to be brave to face those challenges.*p**p*Like the Bobby McFerrin song says: Don't Worry, Be Happy! Take care…the world is waiting for you to shower your love on every living being, big or small!*p*

  4. Do you really need to be a mother to live a normal life? I don't think so. Now a days, you will find many women who don't want to be mother. But there are many who accept motherhood as completeness of womanhood. If you are one of them , make your life more beautiful and meaningful by adopting a baby. It's not necessary to give birth yourself. *p*

  5. And yes, it's to mention that this paved way for me being an infertility counsellor will today… Practising in Kolkata and helping women over this period of their life with positivity and faith *p*

  6. It's not the end of the road… I have been through the whole thing and today I am a mother of twins and an author of the book " my frozen embryo"..dealt with depression and too much of pain as well… But I refused to give up…. *p*

  7. I have a close friend who faced similar problem.She joined specialised nursing course and is now working at aged-care centers taking care of aged people and helping them live a normal life with dignity.*p**p*She happily says "these" are my children and they are in need of me as no less than that of a mother.*p**p*I am satisfied.This is my calling.*p**p*I hope you get some inspiration from this story.*p**p*Gd luck!*p*

  8. There are many options to overcome it and we all are aware of those options. But, what's important right now is your husband support and then both the families support. That would help the most to overcome the depression. *p*

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