Intercultural marriage

My boyfriend and I belong to different faiths and have been dating for quite a while. We are thinking of marriage but it seems like an insurmountable hurdle. Any advice or tips on intercultural marriage?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Try convincing your parents. That's the only hurdle. You shouldn't care about society after that. Society has got nothing to do with your marriage but parents are important. Show them how much you love your partner and want your parents to be happy about the life you are going to start. They'll get convinced after a point. Don't give up and have faith in your love for each other. *p*

  2. I think being adults you have the right to choose. But yes, problems pertaining to intercultural marriages are numerous. To convince your parents will be the greatest issue but with time they will surely understand. It may take a lot of time but they might comply in the end. If that does not happen then it is upto you guys to decide. You have the right to choose remember.*p*

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