Interracial marriage

My cousin is marrying her British boyfriend after finally convincing her parents. His family is coming to India for the wedding. I've been given the event management. How do I make an interracial wedding click and any tips for the newly hitched on making an interracial marriage work?

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June 7, 2017


  1. why are you considering it as an interracial wedding? its a wedding, they are going to be married in India. you should be happy that they are willing to come all the way here and tie the knot. show them what Indian culture is like. its colors and music and rituals. explain things to them. treat them as family and not tourists and you will be fine. tell them what Indian weddings are all about.*p*

  2. The point is clear. You have to keep in mind the cultural traditions of both the parties. You can contact them, I mean, your friend's boyfriend's family and ask them about their traditions and take a note of the events that take place in their wedding ceremonies. After you have a note of the proceedings you can then fuse it with the traditions of our culture. I think that is the best possible means to conduct the marriage. Give both the parties a taste of each other's traditions.*p*

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