Is a live in relationship in India still looked down upon as a taboo?

We have been in love for almost a decade now. And at a time when both the families are talking about weddings, I opened up to him one day abou my lack of interest in marriages and how I don't want to get married ever. And to my surprise, he seemed to be relieved that I brought up the topic. Jump to present, he is moving to my city and we are planning to move in together. But finding a place has been really difficult. Every broker/landlord seems to have one question- "How soon are you getting married". Why is a live in relationship still so difficult in India? 

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Sreetama Basu
June 7, 2017


  1. Live in relationships and pre marital sex go hand in hand. And the latter is definitely a no in our society. You can either hope to find a house with a landlord who is progressive enough, or does not care as long as his rent comes in every month. Or you can lie about a soon to be wedding. Things are changing, but they will take time. And couples such as yourself have to be brave to handle some backlash, especially as you are planning to not get married ever. It's going to be a constant battle with everyone wondering why you choose to not get married. *p*

  2. India is a country full of apprehensions, misconceptions and assumptions.It is just impossible to sum up India into one definition or category of thoughts. there is a high imbalance between how people think and act. there is one section of people who are extremely conservative and orthodox still, the kind who would justify honour killing. and then there is the new modern India who at times will go over the board to prove how cool and eased out everything around them is, I guess it just depends on where you are in your situation. only time will change people.. Nothing else can make an effect on the stubbornness in us.*p*

  3. Indeed it's still a taboo for most of the people who belong to the generation above ours. And people have the habit of raising their brows whenever they can. But, it's changing. I live in Bangalore and I see many flat owners who encourage couples who want to be in a live-in relationship. But places like UP, Bihar, MP, Tamil Nadu and many such places can't even imagine a boy and a girl living together without being married. And, they take out the card of customs and culture when it comes to that. Isn't love and humanity above all? And who are we to interfere when it comes to people who are in love with each other? Live in relationships will be looked down upon till our society doesn't understand the concept of love and the need to be with each other without any bondage of any kind.*p*

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