Is being an ‘ex’ still a relationship? What do you think?

Remember the famous Kangana – Hritik fall out.
You were with him,for good for bad! But now you are just exes. Neither friends nor enemies, just strangers with memories! It’s not only the bad ones that hurt , but the good ones that sting too. And unwillingly you still share a bond , a bond of bitterness, accusations and denials!

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Tripti Sharan
September 14, 2017


  1. Depends on how you have exited /closed the relationship.
    I ended my marriage with grace and we are still cordial & compassionate with each other.
    Since we have 2 kids, he will always be the father of my kids and we may not be best of friends, we will remain
    parents and the connection will remain.

  2. As per me I think Feelings don’t die but if one is strong enough to move on than nothing can make you think even for a second about your EX , it entirely depends on what has made you guys to broke up .

  3. It depends on people. If you have completely and successfully erased your ex from your life, I don’t think you feel any connection. Or if your connection was that shallow. But if you actually shared something meaningful, then something stays.

  4. Once you share a certain bond with someone, irrespective of the status now it remains. Once you’ve shared an intimate relationship, even if you roll out to be just friends you can sense the tension all the time. Yes, it is certainly a relationship and I’ve been able to maintain it though we’ve moved on in life still have a great bond.

  5. Though I don’t have any first-hand experience, but I guess it is hard to let go of all the memories. It is a relationship who can never forget, but at one point you have to let go. And follow, Live and Let Live.

  6. Yes…it is a relationship. Because every relationship you have somehow changes you…and it takes a long long time to completely get over your exes. Also at times it may not be romantic but deep friendship where the two are each other’s mentor and well-wisher. That’s a relationship too right?

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