Is Cyber sex an adultery / cheating ?

Their are couples who are good at and it some divorce. The Online sex world changing perception. How other see and say about it ?

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Siddhartha Shankar Mishra
June 7, 2017


  1. I think cyber sex is a great way to release marital tension! No one gets hurt and desires get fulfilled. Are we ready to accept that everyone has desires? That is the important question.

  2. On same lines, what if it’s to a psychologist? Is that cheating? What if it’s shared with someone of the same sex? Is that cheating?

  3. Cyber sex does mean that you are allowing a third person into the sacred space that is your marriage. Thus, this too amounts to infidelity, physical and mental, which is a breach of the vows you have taken with your partner.

  4. Yes of course. Cyber sex does amount to cheating. After all you end up sharing your closest thoughts, emotions, fantasies with a person other than your partner/wife. Is that not cheating? *p*

  5. By it’s definition, cheating is breach of trust. Someone’s belief that you are sharing the little joys and sorrows with them, and they are exclusive for you, get defeated when you do clandestine philandering, real or virtual it doesn’t matter. Cyber sex with a partner online is to a physical affair like Paytm is to cash payment. Both serve the same purpose.

  6. What amounts to cheating is purely subject to the couple in question. You or I cannot be the authority on what is adultery/cheating. What does matter, though, is being transparent about it. If you and your partner agreed to be okay (read, an open relationship), then the world can go for a hike. If not, well. It’s not too hot a thing to do.

  7. If you “have to” hide something from your spouse then it is cheating. If the spouse knows and doesn’t mind then it is not cheating but only a case of “cyber open marriage”.

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