Is end of sex end of marriage as well?

After two decades of marriage, physical familiarity breeds contempt for sex. External stimulus, which may not even end in gratification, seems the only respite to keep sexually alive. Does dearth of sex in a marriage spell its death?

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Tapan Mozumdar
June 7, 2017


  1. When you don’t feel the need to put in any effort to attract the attention of your partner, the longing, the sensuality, the passion is lost. Married men and women, well beyond the wonder years seldom take the effort to keep in shape (health wise, as well as figure wise). There isn’t much interest among women to groom themselves or wear sexy lingerie or ensemble with the same intent as before. They don’t consider looking and feeling sexy at home. The question is – All that hard work and time and money…for what? Who to attract? Now that they already have a mate for company, the basic needs of food, shelter and security are taken care of, why go through the pain of courtship again? This, is the attitude that kills sex in the marriage and then the marriage itself.

  2. That really depends how important sex is for the people involved and whether they are on the same page about it. Sex can become less important as one gets older and the need for companionship greater. But if one person craves sex, while the other doesn't, that may spell trouble. *p*

  3. If this was true, all couples who do not indulge in sex would have split. *p**p*Other people’s experiences have taught me that couples who use sex as a tool to make peace when in conflict, find it difficult to live gracefully, when sex ceases to be a motivator.

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