Is feeling of love really important for a marriage to sustain for long?

We have either love marriages or arranged marriages. Irrespective of how you got married, do you think in absence of love a marriage can not be sustained for long? Conversely, do all couples who remain married and stay together through ups and downs of life are having at least some love or affection for each other?

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June 7, 2017


  1. I have seen marriages continue inspite of the love dying. The couple may still care for one another, be there when things go down, but that is more out of a sense of responsibility. Especially when children come into the picture, or finances are complicated, it just makes sense to stick together. They may not even realise that they are not in love anymore, just comfortable.*p*

  2. Marriage as an institution has evolved over the years. Earlier it was treated more of a social contract where it's continuity was maintained at any cost. Love or absence of love didn't matter much. However as we see marriage today it cannot proceed beyond few years in absence of love. It's not out of compulsion that survival of marriage matters much. People choose to opt out if things are not going right.*p*