Is feminism the cause for most marriage disputes?

Do you think feminism and feminist ideas are leading to more disputes in marriages and couples?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Until society values the “unmarried” relationships as much as it does “married” relationships — including both society’s views as well as health care and taxes — than I think that marriage can’t be eliminated because it would wrongly punishes those who didn’t choose it. I think that marriage first has to be available to all — same sex couples — and the respect of marriage has to be afforded to committed relationships before we can consider
    eliminating marriage. I think the family should not be eliminated but redefined.

    We have done a good job of “adding” to family — making it about “more than biology” — however, we haven’t yet eliminated biology from that definition and, personally, I think that family should be an emotional bond, not a biological one. Hopefully we will begin to consider this in greater detail as more people use technology to have children.

  2. Some jaded men might sigh, “what’s the point marrying a card-carrying feminist if it’s more likely to end in divorce?” After all, who wants to endure a marriage that replaces “to have and to hold” with “to have and to henpeck?”
    Perhaps the most sobering conclusion of all is this: is feminism’s take on marriage making any of us – men, women and children – any happier? And is divorce, and all the misery and familial damage this inflicts, the final hollow victory for gender equality?

  3. I think so especially in urban areas because “feminism”is no more “women asserting for their genuine rights (equality) as human but has become a tool to prove “women” are superior to “men” for some ladies”.

  4. There is no connection whatsoever between the two! If I ask for equality and respect in a marriage, and that causes a dispute, I must start questioning my partner!

  5. If the man in a marriage is a feminist, I’m afraid that marriage would have less disputes.

  6. If feminism is viewed as “Advantage for females” then yes. But in the truest sense of the term, “feminism” means equality. If a marriage doesn’t assure equality, no harm in breaking it.