Is feminism the cause for most marriage disputes?

Do you think feminism and feminist ideas are leading to more disputes in marriages and couples?

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June 7, 2017


  1. May be, inability to understand what feminism is all about, could be the reason. The doggedness of patriarchy. The refusal to listen to the female’s viewpoint. I am speaking with India in mind. May not be true in advanced, progressed countries. In India, sadly, despite decades of sensitization through media and education, pointless, idiotic patriarchy still prevails.

  2. Not at all! I would rather equate feminism to humanism. Feminism is therefore, not restricted to the female gender. If a wife asserting her legitimate, genuine rights, and refusing to let go of her individuality be a problem for her husband, then, the husband has a problem, and not the wife. The guy needs to change.

  3. How can feminism be viewed as a cause of a dispute? If anything, its a solution. To not give in to inequality, subservience can and should not be a problem. Patriarchy , yes, I believe may be the cause of most marital disputes!

  4. Ah! c’mon how can feminism be the cause of marital discord? Feminism uphold women’s rights and I believe there are rights within a marriage as well.

  5. No i dont think so. It may be one of the reasons but feminism is more about women’s rights and giving them equal weightage in society

  6. Not at all! For some marriage disputes, perhaps. Bigoted men, of whom there are many in our society, find it easy to assign cause of discord to feminism.

  7. If you define ‘feminism’ as recognising the woman as a living creature with her own identity and rights and wishes, then it certainly spoils a man-centric marriage.

  8. Society values marriage and thus has made it both more socially acceptable to be married and has also provided perks to create incentives for marriage — such as health care and tax breaks. From an overall societal view marriage does more to benefit
    women — just as it does men — than it does to “harm” them.

  9. Feminism broadly speaks of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes…. cause for most marriage dispute…. I don’t think so…. I sure would expect my husband and I share the same ideology on this,.. I think all it seeks is respect each other as humans first, man-woman later.