Is flirting cheating?

Do you feel even flirting with the opposite gender is equivalent to cheating in a relationship? What if it's just harmless and that's the rapport one shares with the opposite gender? Where do we draw the line, if there is one at all?

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June 7, 2017


  1. flirting is defined as*p**p*behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions.*p**p*Flirting can always lead to a lot of things and if one is committed in a relationship it is better to be there. But if the other partner is cool with it and with having multiple romantic partners then it's absolutely alright. *p*

  2. The problem arises if one is okay with the other flirting but the other isn't okay with either flirting. Sometimes we lie to avoid an overreaction. *p*

  3. True. It would depend on the couple finding a happy place.  I'm glad you're there. *p*

  4. To be honest, I think flirting is much overrated. Flirting has reached another level altogether these days. *p**p*I personally don't like flirting because I am traditional minded. My husband doesn't really flirt in my presence because he knows that I don't like it.*p**p*But I know given his way he would love to indulge in harmless flirting. *p**p*I feel if both partners are happy with each other why even bother looking at others? *p**p*However,  it entirely depends on couple to couple.*p*

  5. If u have a steady partner who objects to flirting…well u know what to do and what not to do.*p**p*Would u allow ur partner to do the same?*p**p*Do u feel that u shd hide this "flirtings" from ur partner? Then u shd ask urself what is there to hide? And stop doing it.*p**p*If it is innocent flirting, then u don't need to hide.*p**p*Hope u got ur answers!*p*

  6. There is a line. A very prominent one. And the person flirting it should know it the best. He/she knows his/her partner the best and they should know that at which point a line should be drawn and doesn't let something disastrous happen which can hamper the relationship. It's that easy. Flirt but do not hurt your partner. *p*

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