Is having a love affair with a married man justified in any way?

Someone I closely know and dearly love is in love! I should be happy for her, right? Well, I am. After seeing her go through her previous break up, all I wanted for her was to find love again and be happy. She did find love again, only this time in a married man. She calls it love, the world as tagged it as an 'affair with married man', which is still looked down on as a taboo. Should I stop her from going ahead with this affair? Or should I let her decide for herself?

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Sreetama Basu
June 7, 2017


  1. Let her decide herself. You can counsel her if she values your advices but if not then let her figure it out on her own. It's important to realize other people's love too. She should understand how she loves that man, similarly, his wife is there too and been loving him before your friend came in her life. *p**p*Again nothing about being correct or wrong. You really can't tag any of those words when it comes to present day love and affairs. I'm married too and I know one girl who loved my husband but instantly moved aside when she got to know that he has a happy married life beside his work and social life. So, it's about your own ethics and how you gain the love with hurting someone else.*p*

  2. Your friend will be the only loser in this….emotionally torn apart, physically exploited and mentally at loggerheads to come to terms with a relationship where she is sharing her man….a man who really isn't one!*p*

  3. Not justified….not wrong either…*p**p*But the harsh reality is – the married man will never leave his wife for this girl….*p**p*That's the saddest part….they really don't have the guts….want the best of both worlds…*p**p*Am sure he has the knack to keep both happy…but the wife might never know about this affair…they are great liars….*p*

  4. Your friend will find love again. She doesn't need to destroy a home for it. I am saying this not just as a married woman, but as one who has seen homes broken. Tell her love cannot come from bringing sadness to somebody. An affair with a married man is taboo for a reason. Once the affair comes out and things begin to unravel, your friend will have to face most of the heat. It's better to save her now. *p*

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